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Disney Cuts ‘casting Couch’ Scene From Toy Story 2 In Wake Of #MeToo

Disney cuts ‘casting couch’ scene from Toy Story 2 in wake of #MeToo

A fake outtake scene from Toy Story 2 featuring a ‘casting couch’ scenario has been cut from the latest home release version of the hit animated film.

Fans of the beloved Pixar series know that alongside the closing credits of each film plays a series of fake bloopers depicting the animated characters making mistakes, playing pranks on each other, fluffing their lines and speaking directly to camera as if they were real actors. 

The now-deleted scene featured Stinky Pete, who is voiced by Kelsey Grammar, suggestively stroking the hands of two Barbie dolls while telling them he could try to get them a big part in the next Toy Story film.

The scene reflects the practice within the entertainment industry of executives and men with power requesting or demanding sex acts from subordinates in exchange for promotions or career opportunities.

The now-deleted scene featuring Stinky Pete stroking the hands of the two Barbies.

Hollywood no longer tolerates sexual misconduct

Producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a serial sex predator who engaged in such conduct, which led to the rise of the #MeToo movement.

Ever since, Hollywood has not tolerated any form of sexual misconduct.

Pixar Animation Studios co-founder and Walt Disney Company animation chief John Lasseter was forced to leave Disney at the end of last year, after allegations of misconduct and what he referred to as “missteps” in his behaviour towards colleagues.

Lasseter, who directed Toy Story 2, said in a statement at the time that it had been brought to his attention that he had made some colleagues “feel disrespected or uncomfortable”.

Toy Story 2 Director John Lasseter was forced to leave Disney after allegations of misconduct.

Scene has not stood test of time

“When this film was first released in 1999, no one had heard of #MeToo, and I’m sure no one batted an eyelid,” Miles Heffernan from Harassment Claims said about the deleted scene.

“You can understand Disney’s decision to delete it in the wake of Weinstein and Lasseter and Spacey – because quite clearly, the scene has not stood the test of time, and is not appropriate.”

Disney silent on scene deletion

Disney didn’t announce the scene deletion, which was only discovered last month by users in online forums and sites like Reddit.

The Toy Story franchise has been one of Pixar and Disney’s most successful, in terms of both box office takings and critical acclaim.

The first film in the series was released in 1995.

Disney purchased Pixar Animation Studios in 2006.

The most recent instalment of the series, Toy Story 4, was released last month to mixed reviews.


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