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Fighting Harassment Claims For You

How Much Money Did Israel Folau Really Get? | News

Sacked footballer Israel Folau is a greedy, dishonest, ignorant hypocrite. WATCH to find out how much money he was really paid by Rugby Australia as industrial advocate Miles Heffernan explains the unlawful termination case and what it means for the Australian government’s proposed Religious Discrimination Bill.  Equality campaigner Julian Evans also has an important message for young gay Australians in the wake of the Folau fiasco.

Endometriosis And Workplace Discrimination

Severe endometriosis is now considered a disability under Australian workplace law – which means sufferers cannot be treated unfairly, or have adverse action taken against them at work, because of the condition.

Pregnancy Discrimination | Know Your Rights

If you are pregnant, or a new mum, and you have been demoted, or had your role unexpectedly changed, or your hours reduced, or if you have been made redundant or even been sacked, you might be eligible for compensation.

How Gretchen Carlson Brought Down The Head Of Fox News

No one had heard of the #MeToo movement when Fox News presenter Gretchen Carlson took on the most powerful man in television… and won.

Colour Blind Train Driver Loses Discrimination Case

A Brisbane man has lost his claim for discrimination after he was rejected from Queensland Rail’s train driver school because he failed two vision tests.

Boxer Accused Of Sexual Harassment After Kissing Reporter During Interview

Bulgarian boxer Kubrat Pulev has been accused of sexual harassment after forcibly kissing reporter Jenny Ravalo during a post match interview.

Hank Azaria Prepared To Retire Apu From The Simpsons

Actor Hank Azaria, who performs the voice of Apu on The Simpsons has said he would be happy to retire the character after widespread criticism that he represents an offensive stereotype.

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